Self Portrait

Timothy "T.J." Bledsoe was born on May 26th, 1979 to Supranee "Dim" Bledsoe and Manuel "Jeff" Bledsoe Jr.   TJ was 15 years old when he first started to draw. He would trace "Mother Goose and Grim" comics onto printer paper. A few years later at the age of 18 he found the works of Francesco Clemente, Georges Seurat and Shel Silverstein, which would set him on the path of finding himself as an artist. 

T.J. would describe himself as a semi-self taught artist.  From the ages of 18 to 27 he honed his craft, and set off to figure out who he was as an artist.  His first weapon of chose was charcoal and oil pastels, which we would draw child like portraits.  Never pulling from reference he would draw figures with large eyes, small mouths, and short foreheads. T.J. then transitioned from oil pastels to pen and ink. Pulling from his fascination with his dreams he started drawing more than just crude portraits. He incorporated his dreams into his art work. At this point he was mostly drawing in sketchbooks. Testing different shading techniques he enjoyed the look of tiny dots.  After a time of only using black ink, he decided to brighten up his work.  Being limited in the choose of color he used orange and brown for skin tone. Thus, this became the start of his chosen style. 

From the age of 28 to now T.J. has worked with different markers, pens, watercolors, and ballpoints to fully understand how he wants his work to be seen. Still using his dreams to help paste together his ideals of randomness his art displays strange and imaginative pictures. Please enjoy his web page. 

Thank you,